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Volume level, Fuzz level and Tone control with just the right amount of
treble control to match the Arctic to your little piece of the tundra…
and your Honey Bee’s new best friend.

FYI, all AWFs now come standard in the previous “Limited Edition”
‘Snowscape’ finish. BONUS!

Voltage: 8V-18V

Product Description

Another favorite from the BJFe research program, the Arctic White Fuzz purrrs like a snow leopard at lower levels and attacks with full vintage growl when pushed. This is the most straightforward of the BearFoot fuzzes. The AWF borrows the best parts of the silicon FF/TB vintage sound and feel and adds its own voice and personality that sits in a mix and cuts through better than most. And it’s a great recording fuzz as Bjorn wiped out the background noise found in most fuzzes.

Video “Manual”

Lance Seymour



Mike Hermans

Reviews from TGP BearFoot FX Tourbox Participants

1)  All were tested through a JCM800 combo and a plexi clone. The guitars used were a PRS CU24, a PRS CU22, a Strat, and a Tele.

“AWF – This one is fun. I typically prefer my fuzz smooth and sustaining. The AWF was a little more aggressive than I was expecting and that was a great thing. I don’t think there is any chance that this would get lost in a mix. There was not a bad sound to be found no matter where I set the
controls. It played well into a clean or dirty amp. My favorite sound was into the JCM800 that was already broken up. Kicking in the AWF pushed the amp into glorious and controllable feedback. This pedal just flat out has balls and is quite possible the foundation of my new lead sound. I’m a big fan and will be buying one.”  (USA, September 2013)

2)  GEAR used: Lollar Vintage T-loaded ’69 Thiline Tele into a drip edge Fender Super Reverb and a 6G2 Princeton.

“Arctic White Fuzz:  Currently, my fuzz spot is held by an original big box Fulltone ’69. It’s a great fuzz but my only qualm is that it can be
temperamental when engaged depending on what is engaged in the signal chain before it (not the fuzz’ fault – just user error placing it down along the chain and messing with what its input sees!). As a result, the “fuzz” spot on my board is the only thing that I really feel is up for revision in my current setup and as a result I was looking forward to trying the AWF.

And it didn’t disappoint! The Arctic White was my pick of the bunch. I really liked the gnarly fuzz texture and the pretty versatile control sweep – from some rude swampy ODs to all-out fuzz madness. It’s hard to tell without a band around you, but it sounded like the kind of fuzz voice which would not disappear into the mix when engaged. All out, very impressed with this box and something that I would definitely consider picking up in the future.

Another thing that appealed to me was the simplicity of the control layout…Volume, Fuzz and (I presume) presence.”  (Australia, January 2014)

3)  ES-335 into a Reinhardt Sentinel (JTM45) both clean and dirty.

“AWF: The best fuzz pedal I’ve ever played. Period. I’ve played an absolutely stupid amount of fuzzes and I felt only two others met my standards in the end; an Analogman Sunbender (moved on since it’s very sensitive to the FL heat), and a very special Hendrix Fuzz Face that I custom painted that is currently in my possession. They’re great, but the AWF is just too good to be true. Compared to any of the fuzzes in the last box, it feels way more natural to play and sounds and feels much more vintage inspired without a doubt. The only way I can describe it in terms of pedals is a sonic
hybrid of Tonebender and Fuzz Face, but it’s so much more. It’s got hints of Tweed/Supro meltdown drive sounds in there too and it also works
fantastically into a clean amp. I almost always use my Reinhardt cranked but this pedal made the clean tone turn into a raging beast. I LOVE it. It’s such a hard thing to explain, but it’s just so freaking GOOD.”  (USA, December 2013)

4)  Les Paul through a Bad Cat

“Arctic White Fuzz: I was using a Les Paul for the gig. I ended up kicking on the Arctic White Fuzz for our first song, “Feelin’ Alright” and was so stoked to discover the guitar was not getting lost in the mix. The AWF has some definite bite and cut. I wouldn’t call it a wild and whacky Fuzz with a tone of personality—in the idiosyncratic way many fuzzes are known for. It is a damn good fuzz, though. In fact, I discovered throughout the gig that it was a PERFECT Fuzz for an application I was using it for.

My favourite discovery about the AWF was how it sounded placed after my Clyde Deluxe Wah in the chain. Unlike some other Fuzz Face style pedals the AWF responded flawlessly. In fact, my favourite tones all week with the AWF were with the Clyde Deluxe Wah in front of it. Yum! No… really…. YUM! ”  (USA, October 2013)

5)  Gear used: 72 Deluxe Tele with 500k pots for a little more brightness, Vox AC15C1 on Top Boost channel set to edge of breakup

“Arctic White Fuzz…The star of the show. No offense to the low-gain overdrive offerings of Bearfoot’s, it’s just that in my heart I’m a rock and roll guy and always will be.

Naturally, I plugged it in and turned the Fuzz straight to 10 and lived there for about an hour. Sounds very much like a Fuzz Face but without some of the snarl one might associate with, say, the “Time” solo. Lots of body and fullness to the sound. Used it on Sunday for a lead bit at church and it had no problem cutting through the mix completely on its own, although boosting it (again, flat mids FD2) sent it into another dimension.

One of my favorite qualities of a fuzz pedal is how it performs completely differently depending on whether you’re using your neck or bridge pickups. On my Tele’s bridge pickup it sounded almost distortiony. The neck felt hairier and got into more old school tonebender territory.”  (USA, September 2013)

6)  GEAR: 2009 Gibson Les Paul Standard equipped with Sheptone Tribute pups and about the same era Valvetrain Trenton amp. The amp is a tweed/brown voiced instrument.

“Arctic White Fuzz… First, I am not a fuzz aficionado. They are cool and all that but when I do have one on my board, it NEVER gets turned on!! My favorite to date was the Analogman Sun Bender and I just sold that to someone here. However, I may get one of these. If I ever needed fuzz, this would fit the bill. My impression was that this is a “working man’s” fuzz. This is a damn nice sounding, stable and highly gigable fuzz. Plenty of top end available for cutting the mix but never harsh and easily warmed with the tone control. There is not a bad sound on this pedal and I think it would admirably cover any fuzz tone that you were after. It sustains nice and has its own character without the charming quirkiness of other, more focused fuzz offerings. Worried about your fuzz not working with humbuckers? Buy this one! Meat and potatoes fuzz is my read on this little sweetie! I could definitely see owning this one…”  (USA, October 2013)

7)  GEAR: Warmoth Tele. Winfield amps…one is an Elizabeth with a 2X12 cab. The Elizabeth is a 6L6-based, fenderish amp. The other amp is a
Winfield 1X12 combo, which is a Voxish amp.

“Arctic White Fuzz: This is an excellent fuzz. I was struck by how defined it sounds, even with the fuzz maxed out. It stayed focused and very clear(if that makes sense). It almost felt more like a heavy overdrive, which is not a bad thing. A lot of fuzzes turn to mush, when you max them out. Although I tend to like my fuzzes a little more dedicated to a “certain” sound (Octave up, oscillation, etc.), I could definitely see the AWF on my board to cover those classic fuzz sounds. It sounded great through both amps. It also cleaned up well with the volume on my Tele.”  (USA, December 2013)


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