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A long time ago Bjorn fell in love with an undulating sound he heard on an old organ and vowed to get that sound for his guitar. The Mint Green Mini Vibe was born.

The BearFoot circuit and color are an exact match to the BJFe original.

It runs on standard 9V and will go from 8V-18V if you want to adjust the headroom and impact.

(There is now a slower speed option as well.)

Product Description

The Mint Green Mini Vibe in not a “Univibe clone” or a “Leslie simulator.” It’s a unique modulation closer to a 3D bias tremolo with some extra movement, but none of the seasick wobble of the standard “Univibe” sound. It becomes one with your sound rather than completely changing it into something else.

You can also use it as a juicy harmonic enhancer with the Amplitude down. (In fact, I would like to rename it the Mint Green Modulating Vitalizer! ; ] ) I usually leave it on with the Amplitude down and then I just roll it up when I need the vibe sound. You can put a barrel knob on the Amplitude pot and do this easily with your foot.

Check out the Limited Edition ‘Waterbox’ MGMV in either Standard or Slow Speed!
Also available NOW…Gashpaint Limited Edition MGMV in Standard Speed!


Video “Manual”

Lance Seymour


Mike Hermans


Mike Hermans (MGMV + Honey Bee and Model H3K)

Mike Hermans (MGMV + Neunaber Stereo WET)

Burgs (MGMV + Dyna Red Distortion3K, Model H3K and Honey Bee)



Reviews from TGP BearFoot FX Tourbox Participants 

1)  GEAR: Tele and a Magic Amps Brit MK2

MGMV…Sniff, sniff. Oh how I’ll miss you MGMV! I’ve really come to love this pedal. It’s vibe-ish but entirely in it’s own way. It doesn’t sound like a Univibe and I like that because I find that when I play those sorts of pedals they push me towards Hendrix or Trowerisms rather than integrating themselves into the sort of music I play. With the MGMV I could either use it as a slightly more interesting tremolo or push it into more vibey territory with more extreme settings. It’s also a great preamp seeing as it has a volume knob and adds a nice enhancement and sparkle to the overall tone. Love, Love Love! Can’t help thinking how cool it would be to have an expression pedal input!”  (Australia, April 2012)

2)  [GEAR Unknown]

“Mint Green Mini Vibe was actually my favourite. I’ve never been satisfied with a nice vibe…had a Microvibe, a dano vibe. This thing just had more of that throb. But you could still tell what notes were being played despite the swirliness. Worked great in front and behind my gain pedals. I couldn’t really decide what I liked better. Going to pick one of these up at some stage.”  (Australia, August 2012)

3)  GEAR: Sherlock Vintage Reverb 30 > Fender 62 HotRod strat + Reverend Jetstream 390

Mint Green Mini Vibe – Melds beautifully with your guitar tone. Would like slower speed still and it just does something sweet to your tone…….I just went to the Bearfoot site and Donner writes that that’s what Bjorn was trying to achieve (the melding) and Donner uses it as a tone enhancer/always-on pedal. So mission accomplished here. He rolls the amplitude back which is kind of the effect I’d use it for and partially why I’d like the slower speed version even more.”  (Australia, September 2012)  [NOTE: There is now a Slow Speed version of the MGMV to satisfy this reviewer’s needs!]

4)  [GEAR Unknown]

“Mini Vibe: I love it. Never knew I wanted/needed a vibe pedal. I tried phasers and flangers and thought tremolo was all I’d need. Well the mini vibe – like many vibes I suppose – sits right between the throb of a good trem and the filtering effect that I like so much about phasers. I never really got the flanger unless covering Waylon. I guess it COULD go a little slower for more subtle use, but the fast was more fun. I also hear there is a mod for this. In addition to sounding great, it’s an extremely small pedal relative to most vibes on the market. Win-win that I never expected.”  (USA, April 2012)

5)  [GEAR unknown]

“This pedal has both replaced my Chorus for modulated tones and deaded my search for the ultimate Roto-Vibe. It is great all by itself or with OD …
it is so, so, so musical…
As you all know I am a veteran of pedal experience… this pedal is simply phenomenal …
The feel, the sound … Hope you can experience it one of these days.”  (USA, August 2014)


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