POLYSWITCH — T-Rex Effects
True Hardwire stereo AB switch

Built-in buffer switch for low level signals
Routes your signal to 2 different set-ups
Routes two stereo signals to a single stereo in
Protects the natural integrity of your sound
POLYSWITCH — T-Rex Effects

A true hardwire stereo A-B switch. PolySwitch AB is the perfect solution for guitarists looking to route their signal to two different set-ups – even in stereo – and easily switch between these.
Precision versatility
Not only does PolySwitchAB let you split your stereo signal and switch between outputs. It also works “backwards”, letting you run two separate stereo instruments into a single amplifier or other signal destination. And with every input and output available in stereo, it’s a great solution for keyboardists or anyone else needing to route a stereo signal to two destinations or two stereo signals to a single stereo in.

Signal integrity
As you’d expect from a T-Rex product, PolySwitch AB is specially engineered to protect the natural integrity of your sound – all the way through the signal path. True hardwire signal routing, top-grade electronics, and a built-in buffer switch for low-level signals caused by long cables, for instance, make sure you don’t lose a single ounce of your precious tone.