In celebration of Fulltone’s 20 years as the world’s premiere boutique pedal manufacturer, we are releasing a signed, limited edition Fulldrive called the “FD3”!

Features include:

real NOS JRC4558D chip..not the current production NJM4558
*has the Fulltone-exclusive Order switch which places the Boost either before or after the Overdrive section of the circuit:
After takes whatever sound you have set and increases the Volume so you pop out of the mix.
Before pounds the input of the Overdrive channel and increases the distortion, not really the volume…more like the FD2.
Two modes, toggle selectable:
“90’s” original FD2 voicing. Transparent? NOT! Mid, rich Mids, Color, beautiful color. You want transparent? Wrong mode.
“Wide Asym”…that’s Wide Asymmetrical, for a beautiful, chimey, more open sound.
A completely independent, discrete JFET Clean Boost with a Volume control and a unique mini-knob controlling Germanium Diode “Limiting” function that has to be felt to be really appreciated! Clockwise on this knob takes out the strident, irritating spikes that occur with other clean boosts when you hit the strings hard….absolutely gorgeous feature destined to be a classic and might just show up as a micro sized pedal called “2B.”
This Boost circuit does not invert the signal like most clean-boosts and can be used with or without the overdrive section of the pedal.
Icing on the cake? The housing is about 20% smaller than the traditional Fulldrive2