AD-9 Analog Delay :: Keeley Electronics

The reissue AD9 pedals that are out are just fantastic sounding. They use more BBD chips than before for a better tone with less distortion but all of that smooth fantastic analog tone we enjoy!Are you looking for a true-bypass Analog Delay? We have taken the Ibanez AD9 analog delay to a new level of flexibility and control!Several mods are available for this pedal including 2 expression pedal ports! We couldn’t do Tap Tempo yet, so we designed GLIDE TEMPO. Control the Delay Time with a custom modded expression pedal! Control the Delay Level with a custom modded expression pedal! Now you can have just the right slap back echo or spacey long delays, or GLIDE back and forth for a crazy warped sounds! Set the level of your delay for the sweet spot. No more adjusting the Level by bending over when you switch between clean and distorted tones. Delay levels are often too loud when you add distortion to your signal.Oh yeah, True-Bypass AND the Stereo Out still works as it should. Watch out for folks doing true-bypass and telling you that you lose the direct out, you don’t need it, etc. We designed a little FET circuit to keep all of your features and provide you with true-bypass! Most of the mods are priced well under the Maxon AD9 as well!Add to that we upgrade the fidelity and bass response and you have a wonderful tone tool!Our new expression pedal equipped AD9’s do not have toggle switches to engage the exp. pedals. We now use self switching jacks for increased ease of use.Note: with our mods that include any *Expression Pedal(s)*, battery operation is no longer possible. The Expression Port Jacks take up that area. You have to use a DC adapter. No big concern as most folks use DC power with delays–they eat up batteries too fast. The *True Bypass Only* version without pedals still allows battery use. We repeat, you can use batteries if you select the True Bypass Only option. But if you choose the expression pedal option, batteries will not fit.

*** Hidden Feature *** The stock foot switch operates as a feedback/self oscillation control! Hold the foot switch down and your notes will go into feedback! Just as if you turned the repeat control all the way up, this is great for sustaining notes or adding a bit of craziness to your music, music, music, music, music!