Volume Pedal


Low Friction Band-Drive for durable, quiet and smooth operation
Aggressive non-slip grip rubber tread
Fully-adjustable rocker tension

Dunlop Manufacturing :: Electronics :: :: Volume Pedal

Control your volume levels with exacting precision with the revolutionary Dunlop Volume Pedal. The Dunlop Volume Pedal features a patent pending Low-Friction Band Drive that delivers a smooth range of motion with no strings or ratchet gears attached – allowing you to achieve thick, luscious volume swells without the fear of breaking. With fully adjustable tension and high-quality low-noise electronic components, the sound is as clean and transparent as the feel is smooth. Housed in a lightweight but durable aluminum chassis, the pedal features a rocker pedal that is slightly curved for ergonomics, with an aggressive non-slip tread that keeps your foot firmly in place. Great features, smooth, hassle-free performance and crystalline tone make the Dunlop Volume Pedal the smart choice for every musician. Power: passive in-line circuit requires no additional power

“I will tell you that the volume pedal is the best. It’s bullet proof. It sounds great. It’s really smooth. It looks killer.” – Jim Heath a.k.a. Rev. Horton Heat