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The original Model H. Is it a Hiwatt-in-a-box? Maybe…but Dan Baird calls it “Hell-in-a-box!” And that’s a good thing. :-)

The Model H4K Overdrive/Distortion adds a Treble control knob to the
original Model H.

Voltage range is 8V-12V.

Product Description

The Model H4K Overdrive/Distortion…the 4-Knob Model H adds a Treble control that allows the Model H to be tuned to a wider range of rigs.
The Treble control starts a little darker than the standard H and allows ample treble/upper mid adjustment. The Tone and Treble controls affect
different parts of the circuit and combine to let you get the exact impact and definition you need for your rig.

See our ‘Blue Flame’ Model H4K for a change of pace!


Video “Manual”

Lance Seymour


Pete Thorn (Model H4K and DRD3K Vid)


Mike Ault

Mike Hermans


Mike Hermans (Medium to High Gain Shootout)

Reviews from TGP BearFoot FX Tourbox Participants 

1)  Suhr Pro S1, PRS Custom 24…Mesa Mark IV ‘A’, Ceriatone Overtone

“The model H [4K] I really enjoyed! I want one of these to replace my overdrive channel of the mesa! Nicer midrange, and way easier to dial in! Sounds fat, clear and works great for rhythm as well as leads. There are really no bad sounds out of this pedal! I don’t know if I set my clean channel differently or the pedal has been changing dramatically, but this just works better than the 3 knob with my amp…”  (Australia, April 2012)

2)  2009 PRS Mira, 50’s reissue Telecaster and ’74 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (mini humbuckers)

“Model H (4 Knob)…Ok, this pedal was my favourite in this tourbox. There was something really nice about the tones I was getting out of this one. Especially with my humbucker guitars. There was a nice, juicy crunch there, that was somehow also a lot more ‘polite’ than the other two.

Overall, just seemed to be a very nice, rounded sound that was satisfying to play either power chords with, or single note runs. The extra Tone and Treble controls mean much better scope for removing any muddiness that may creep in. I was rarely unsatisfied with any of the tones I was getting with this pedal.”  (Australia, May 2012)

3)  Tele and a Magic Amps Brit MK2

“4 Knob Model H…OK so in my opinion this one is right back where it should be. I felt that before the revisions this pedal had lost something compared to the 3 knob model. Now it’s back in all it’s fat glory. The treble knob plus the tone control lets you add glassiness with a corpulent bottom end. I could happily live with the three knob model & maybe the H is too gainy for my sound with the lower wattage amps but fat crunch is what this pedal is about and so be it.”  (Australia, April 2012)


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