Created by Xotic and inspired
by guitarist Allen Hinds

The Soul Driven AH produces creamy boost and overdriven tones that enhance the harmonics while maintaining the transparency of your guitar tone. It also features a mid boost knob that pushes the mid-range frequencies creating more dynamics giving your tone more clarity.

The Soul Driven AH will help you find the sweet spot every time. Included with the Soul Driven AH is a download card to Allen Hind’s latest album, “Fly South”, and a certificate of authenticity.


  • Dimensions (w/d/h)

    4.39″ x 2.38″ x 1.98″ (110mm X 60mm X 50mm)

  • Weight

    0.6 lbs. (270g)

  • Power Consumption


  • Battery Type

    9vdc (006p) x 1

  • AC Adapter (optional)

    9vdc, negative tips (regulated recommended)

  • Input Impedence

    500k ohm (min)

  • Output Impedence

    10k ohm

  • True Bypass Switching