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V2 Angry Fuzz

Fuzz Octave

The Angry Fuzz is a totally original new single pedal effect from Visual Sound that will blow away any other fuzz pedal you’ve ever tried. Although it has an octave circuit that can be blended in with the fuzz, it is not at all like the Octavia or other vintage pedals for that matter. You can set the Volume and Fuzz levels as well as turn the Bright switch on or off for your basic fuzz tone. Blend in the Octave circuit with the Anger Level knob and voila, the most incredible sound you’ve heard that tracks with every single note. On single notes it will give you one octave up. Play a two-note chord and you’ll get the octave up plus some wild lower octave artifacts.

Dimensions:  3″ x 5 11/16″ (78 x 144mm);
Current Draw: 11-17mA

Note:  All dimensions are approximate maximum dimensions.  Current draw is shown from bypass to channel(s) on.


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