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Like our parts, Vintique guitars are of the highest quality. Master craftsman Jay Monterose builds each one.Vintique is a boutique shop — each production run is limited — each guitar is the 1-out-of-50 that is the “keeper.” Each of our guitars is not master-craftsman-assembled. Each of our guitars is master-craftsman-made. Pick your favorite behind-the-scenes, legendary builder from any manufacturer and imagine that he has made every one of that manufacturer’s guitars. They are that good.Body. We build our guitars with select woods, including Southern Ash and Alder. They are hand-cut and hand-sanded. Average weight is between four and five pounds in their raw state. Moisture content of the wood is strictly controlled. Each body employs a string-through-body design with Vintique flush-fit nickel-plated string anchors.Necks/Frets. All Vintique necks are “boatneck” hand-contoured and use twenty-one “6105”, tall and narrow frets. All necks are one-piece maple with either a maple or rosewood fretboard. Each is a full 1″ thick from nut to heel, has a walnut skunk stripe and features a hand-cut, polished bone nut. All necks are finished in nitrocellulose lacquer. Necks are joined to bodies with Vintique’s exclusive neck mounting system with threaded anchors, machine threaded stainless bolts and our heavy .094″ thick polished stainless neck plate.Paint/Finishes. Our guitars bodies receive the thinnest of proprietary finishes. The resonance, beauty and durability of our finishes is second to none. Guitars are currently offered in the following colors:

  • Mary Kaye White
  • 50s Butterscotch Blond
  • 2-Tone Sunburst
  • Black

Each finish, except for black, is highly translucent and the beauty of the wood’s grain is clearly visible.

Pickups. We are currently using single coil pickups that were handwound by Seymour Duncan himself. We offer these in two versions: one with a more vintage, sweet tone; and the other with a higher output, more hot-rodded vibe. By special order (and special occasion), Jay can also be found hand-winding a set up pickups on Danny’s old winding machine.

Seymour Duncan Antiquity, Lindy Fralin, Jason Lollar or other pickups available upon request.

Hardware. Each of our guitars is designed for and employs Vintique hardware. This includes:

  • Vintique Stainless Bridge – Vintage Specification
  • Vintique Brass Saddles Set
  • Vintique ’53 Dome Top Knobs
  • Vintique Control Plate and Pro-Wired Control Assembly
  • Polished aircraft aluminum Jack Can
  • Vintique handmade phenolic bakelite or anodized aircraft aluminum pickguard
  • C.T.S. solid shaft pots and standard C.R.L. U.S.A.-made three position switch
  • Cloth wire throughout

Ok, so we don’t make the incredible handmade Waverly tuning machines (16:1 gear ratio) or the screws — but we make everything else. We know of no other boutique manufacturer that manufacturers nearly every piece of hardware on its guitar to the extent that we do. We blend our wood with our metal — we truly “make” our guitars.

Setup. Jay dresses the frets, cuts the nut, intonates and strums every guitar before it leaves the shop.



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