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Japanese Vemuram Custom Effects stock high-end pedals, where the goal is to produce boutique pedals as they did in the boutique movement’s early days.
Compared to what other pedals costs today , then Vemuram a class up , and the reason for that is that they have a production with Japanese precision , super high quality Partss and the tuner each pedal when all Partss are assembled.
A little bit of magic with VemurAmpsedalene ‘s ‘The Secret Trimmer ‘ is found on the inside of Karen and Rage e pedals.
Vemuram Shanks 4K
In collaboration with the one and John Shanks has Vemuram produced this high- end pedal , which is a two – transistor fuzz classic , based on Tone Bender MK 1.5 and the classic Fuzz Face pedal.

Shanks 4K comes with handpicked NOS transistors and an output step based on modern technology , giving you a virtually noiseless pedal with plenty of headroom , and that works perfectly in the pedalboard .It’s a dual Germanium transistor ‘Late ’60’s’ Fuzz face style overdrive/booster, with a large drive range. The 4K takes you from a solid, creamy clean – all the way to a thick juicy fuzz!Like all Vemuram pedals, the components are a mixture of rare NOS vintage parts, and high-grade state of the art parts.It’s got amazing detail, and dynamic response, and capable of earth moving sounds!


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