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Our best-selling series, universally praised for its extraordinary clean headroom, dynamics, and a variety of tone shaping options. Best described as a “portable” Classic Reverb/Custom Clean hybrid, it includes an added pickup loading feature that optimizes balance between single coil and humbuckers. A stellar reverb circuit with Send and Return controls, contour control and full buffered effects loop is standard on this amp.

The new Pickup Loading feature control has 5 settings, from no additional pickup loading to full loading. Loading the guitar pickup(s) to varying degrees changes the impedance relationship between the pickup and the first gain stage. Loading reduces inductive “ringing” in the pickup coils. The effect is a more controlled high frequency response and a reduction in high frequency artifacts produced when a pickup’s magnets and coils feed back with each other, usually at or near the pickup’s saturation point. The damping effect also reduces gain, which is normal. Tonally speaking, reducing these artifacts results in a cleaner waveform and lack of harshness in the upper frequencies.

Output Power: 35W

Tubes: 6L6

Reverb: Tube Driven, Analog Spring w/Send and Return Controls

Dimensions: 15-5/8″ wide x 8-3/8″ tall x 10″ deep

Weight: 22 Pounds

Features: Pull Bright/Mid/Deep Controls, Half Buffered Effects Loop (on the Return), Contour, Pickup Loading


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