Nova Repeater is based on Nova Delay, but it’s a version with all the excess trimmed of, stripped down to the bare essentials. It’s a pedal for guitarists that want the killer TC Electronic delay sound but don’t need all the in-depth features and programmability Nova delay offers.


  • 3 preset delay times tuned for guitarists
  • Adaptive dynamic delay
  • Wide range of delay sounds

No Delay, Just Play

Well, there’s actually plenty of delay, but you aren’t waiting to play while you fiddle with knobs. These pre-set ranges have been fine-tuned to hit the sweet spots most guitarists use for their sounds – providing great starting point to quickly dial in a setting.

Just Ducking Perfect

When it comes to more complex features (like ducking), Nova Repeater’s adaptive dynamic delay that automatically sets the perfect threshold for the ducking. No calibration is needed – even if you decide to turn up the volume during a solo, Nova Repeater will automatically adjust the threshold on-the-fly.

Modulated Delays

Nova repeater features 2 types of delay mods, a vibrato and a chorus that add some real spice to your sounds. Whether you want to add a bit of vibrato for classic tape echo wow-and-flutter tones or a bucketload of chorus for those super clean 80’s clean sounds – Nova Repeater is with you every step.