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Introducing the Supro / Pigtronix Full Boar… The tube amp for musicians who want a big fat sound that stays clean and punchy even when bombarded by effects pedals.

Designed and built in Arizona by tone zealot Bruce Zinky, the Supro Full Boar pushes 60 watts with a pair of 6L6 power valves. The simple, honest and downright ballsy control layout consists of a highly effective three-knob tone stack, reverb level control, and a single volume knob.

Through the use of Bruce’s voodoo all tube and light bulb reverse compressor magic, the Full Boar has the ability to retain clarity even at extreme volumes, never farting out or losing definition due to overload. This gives you LOUD CLEAN TONE, even at full volume, with plenty of juicy low end on tap.

To push this beast over the top, a toggle or footswitch operated boost mode takes the reverse voodoo compressor out of the signal path, enabling glorious, touch-sensitive power tube overdrive when cranked up.

The Full Boar features rock solid Baltic Birch construction, premium matched vacuum tubes and a limited lifetime warranty. USA made and musician tested, the Full Boar will roar for you, gig after gig.

The Full Boar is available as a head or compact 1×12 combo sporting a custom made Zinky 8-ohm speaker… Keith Richards swears by this same speaker!

Footswitch and power cable included. Flight Case, Vinyl Slip Cover and extension cabinets available. Pair the Full Boar with a 2×12, 1×15, 4×12 or even a full stack and you will move some serious amounts of air with your guitar.


Compact 1×12 Combo Dimensions: 18″ x18″ x 6″


60 Watts Tube Power from 4x 12AX7 and 2x 6L6

Volume, 3 Band EQ, Reverb Level Knobs

Tube Driven Custom Spring Reverb

Switchable Compress / Boost

Tube and Lightbulb Reverse Voodoo Compressor

1×12 Combo wih Custom Speaker or Head only

Circuit Designed and Built by Bruce Zinky

Sound Design by David Koltai

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Made in Arizona, USA