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angle view of Orbit dBucket Flanger“A powerfully versatile platform designed to give musicians an extraordinary range of sound shaping options in a single pedal.” – Guitar GearHeads“Any control can be assigned to the expression pedal, which opens up the possibilities for morphing from subdued to wild to even further.” – Premier Guitar“The three-position LFO switch is the Orbit’s coolest control. It selects between a logarithmic sweep (even frequencies), a linear sweep (which speeds up through the high bands and slows down through the lower ones), and Thru 0, which phases in and out of high and lower fidelities.” – Premier Guitar
Beyond Your Classic Flange.With the Orbit dBucket Flanger, we’ve painstakingly recreated every aspect of some of the greatest vintage analog flangers. To go beyond that, we’ve also added features such as through zero flanging to take you where few have ever ventured before. Our high performance DSP is dedicated entirely to doing one thing and one thing only, delivering the ultimate flanger. Add true bypass, extensive expression pedal control, a favorite preset, super high quality analog front end and output sections, low power consumption and you’ll never want to let go of your Orbit.
  • Hand crafted dBucket algorithm for highly accurate reproduction of every stage of an analog bucket brigade chip. Built on the dBucket building blocks developed for our Brigadier delay.
  • Super low noise, high performance A/D and D/A converters w/ 110dB signal to noise
  • High performance DSP stuffed into a compact form factor
  • 3 LFO types (log, lin, through zero)
  • 3 Feedback types (positive, negative, pos/neg)
  • TRUE BYPASS (electromechanical relay switching)
  • Stereo output
  • Expression pedal input with selectable control over any knob parameter
  • Favorite footswitch for saving your favorite setting
  • Powered with a standard 9V center negative DC supply. Compatible with all major DC supply brands. Current consumption 200mA – (250mA recommended supply)
  • Premium analog front end and output section
  • No-nonsense user interface
  • Strong and lightweight purple anodized aluminum chassis
  • Crafted with love in the USA
Sound Clips

No Regen, Manual Control set with longer delay time for a lush chorus-like sound.

Log LFO, positive Regen for a “grey box” swish.

Through-Zero LFO with No Regen, 50% Mix, and negative output for a dramatic cancellation – listen to the stereo field and you get sucked into the vortex.

Linear LFO with Negative Regen for a revered “late ’70s flanger” swoosh.

Fast sweep with moderate Regen to create a swirly vibe.

Our exclusive ± hybrid Regen with Linear LFO for a watery flange sound.

The classic riff – positive feedback, Log LFO.

Another classic ‘galloping’ riff – Thru Zero with a positive waveform


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