The ElectroMan is our vision of analog delay perfection. With 600ms of rich articulate delay time, a wide raging tone contour, FX insert, and custom Warp switch the ElectroMan is a true hybrid, giving users total creative control over their sound. Use the tone knob to shape your ideal delay voice, pushing your repeats forward in the mix or allowing them to dissolve into a beautifully murky wash. Generate new delay textures by applying your favorite effects to the wet signal via the FX Loop insert. Use the Warp switch to punctuate passages with a rising tide of oscillation. The choice is yours. With its unique feature set the ElectroMan is guaranteed to inspire.

Level: Adjusts the volume of the delay signal.

Repeat: Adjusts the number of repeats. At maximum repeats, the Electroman will self-oscillate.

Tone: Adjusts the delay signal tone for brighter or darker repeats.

Time: Adjusts the delay time up to 600ms.

True Bypass Switch: Allows you to engage or bypass the effect.

Warp Switch: This momentary switch allows you to increase the repeats and create feedback at the touch of a button. For the Warp feature to work effectively, the repeat knob must be set past the 10:00 position. With the repeat knob set to its minimum position, the Warp switch can be used as a momentary kill switch for the delay signal.

LOOP: This is an effects loop for the delay signal. You can add various different colors to the delay signal by adding different types of effects. To use this loop a Y-cable is required.

The loop can also double as an expression pedal input to control the Level knob.