Classic early 50s Tele rhythm tone, with well-rounded low end, and a nice sweet treble response.


The Antiquity Tele Rhythm is a faithful reproduction of an early 50s Tele neck pickup. The bass response is full and round, and will add richness to your chords, while the specially calibrated hand ground alnico 2 rod magnets, and custom coil winding give the treble a smoother, more musical attack. Its great for big, bold rhythm playing, and percussive enough for classic country-style chicken pickin. It is built reverse woundreverse polarity for hum-canceling when used in combination with the Antiquity Tele Lead pickup.Hand built in our Custom Shop, the Antiquity Tele Rhythm recreates the original look and sound from the early 50s. We use a custom aged, deep drawn cover, vintage push-back cloth wire, and each pickup is lacquered, and potted in lamp black paraffin wax like the originals.Pair with our Antiquity Tele Lead pickup for the ultimate 50s style Tele.