This is one of the Brazilian Rosewood era guitars with the Sweet Switch The late 80s PRSs are considered some of the best guitars that Paul has ever made. This is made before the factory move to the new Maryland factory. people call these pre factory but thats a little bit of a misnomer. This guitar was made in the Virginia Avenue factory and was initially carved out with dupli-carvers and jigs and then finished by hand. Pearlworks will have used a CNC to add the birds but thats it! |All the rest is hand done after the dupli-carve. The build quality is second to none. After having owned several prs the old ones like this feel and sound so different to the newer ones its unbelievable.

One piece Mahogany Neck with Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard
Regular Neck Carve with Old Birds
Figured maple top with a solid mahogany back
Nickel hardware and a Tremolo bridge
PRS Phase I Locking Tuners
HFS Treble & Vintage Bass Humbuckers
5 way rotary switch
Sweet Switch Tone Filter
Finished in Cherry Sunburst
Original PRS Hard Case