Our Vision
The vision of Pettyjohn Electronics was conceived around an idea that a new sound would cause people to gather together doing what they love; creating music for people worldwide. This vision is made possible and unlocked through the use of 4 keys: Culture, Innovation, Growth and Mission.

Our culture is built upon our endeavor to live out what we believe in our day to day business being a people of faith. We want to facilitate a community of people that carry a passion for their ideas and empower the people of the Pettyjohn community to realize their dreams through innovative opportunity. This is why it is important that the work place is experienced as a place for family and life giving relationships. Our people are self-motivated individuals, who we believe, are changing the world with their ideas.

What we are building at Pettyjohn Electronics, is a community that increases the quality of life for those who are part of it. Through profitable growth we believe in the social responsibility we have to be a blessing to our local geographic community here in Albany, Oregon.

Pettyjohn Electronics was birthed around an idea of using analog technology to create a guitar pedal. Therefore, it is our intention to continue the practice of creating new tools for tone to take vintage technology and integrate it with the modern concepts of today. In doing so we know we will be producing new sounds for tomorrow. It is through the premium tools we create and the community we foster that we will leave a lasting positive impact in the music industry. This is why we will always be heavily engaged in product development that pushes the envelope in the music industry while finding our way into new industries that stretch us beyond our initial scope.

It will always be our goal to constantly scale our business and introduce the Pettyjohn brand all over the world, while maintaining our value of being a debt free company and self funded. In keeping with this practice we will always be in a position to be a financial blessing to the Pettyjohn community worldwide as we grow. It is of high importance that we stay engaged in ways that we can support social justice around the world through international and local team partnerships.

As we contribute in meaningful ways to society as a whole, Pettyjohn will also find that we reap the reward of being empowered to live out the lives each of us were created for. Therefore, in all of this, we will remain vigilant in conducting business in ways that promote rather than exploit the quality of life for all people groups around the world we engage with.

Hand-Wired PreDrive Pedal

The PreDrive studio grade, dual foot-switchable guitar preamp is designed to be the first pedal in your chain. Built in the USA with 2 discrete opamp chips and audiophile components throughout, the PreDrive will preserve every detail of any instrument plugged into it! The PreDrive’s preamp was designed to serve the unique needs of a matching impedances of magnetic pickups, typical in electric and bass guitars, and can be used as a preamp for almost any instrument outfitted with a magnetic pickup. With a full frequency range and a transformer coupled Direct Output, you can capture great direct in tones in the studio, perfect for reamping, using virtual amps or even use the PreDrive in front of digital effects units to add extra dimension and clarity to your tone.