Mr Black Thunderclaw Distortion Pedal 

The Mr Black Thunderclaw is a loud and very heavy high gain distortion pedal made for those moments where civility is not required and you just want pure unadulterated metal tones. Described by Mr Black as a ‘downright mean, ruthless pedal’ the Thunderclaw sets out to take over clean amplifiers around the globe and it seems to be doing so successfully.

Fully Active Tone Controls

This is something that oddly enough you do not find on all pedals. All of the controls in this circuit are active meaning that you get much more control over your tone as you can both boost and cut the high and low end. With both the Treble and Bass controls turned to noon you have neither a boost nor a cut to the EQ meaning turned counter clockwise you cut the frequencies and turned clockwise you boost them. At the end of the day this gives you more control over your tone.

Gain On Tap

You have probably heard a high gain pedal before but I doubt a lot of you have heard one that has this much gain on tap while still remaining clear. Anyone can make a pedal that just turns the gain up to 20 but it takes a pedal masters like the guys at Mr Black to make it clear and crisp so you can hear every detail. Turning the gain control up to noon will give you enough gain to please most people but for those that like to downtune and get those really heavy tones take up even further for some truly stunning tones.



  •  Beautiful high-gain distortion that cleans up with your attack and volume knob like you’ve never, ever heard or felt.
  •  Active Output, Treble and Bass controls cut or boost their namesakes.
  •  Internal +/- 9V split-rail power for stupidly quiet operation.
  •  True-bypass
  •  9VDC power (2.1mm negative center pin adapter) or internal 9V battery.

OUTPUT: Active Output control

  • Full CCW: No output
  • Full CW: Pummeling volume

DISTORT: Distortion threshold

  • Full CCW: Very little distortion
  • Full CW: Lots of distortion

BASS: Active Bass control

  • Full CCW: Full bass CUT
  • Noon: No bass boost/cut
  • Full CW: Full bass BOOST

TREBLE: Active Treble control

  • Full CCW: Full treble CUT
  • Noon: No treble boost/cut
  • Full CW: Full treble BOOST

Tech stuff:

  • Input impedance: ~470K
  •  Output impedance: ~1K
  •  Bypass: True-Bypass
  •  Current draw: ~27mA
  •  Power requirement: 9VDC adapter or 9V battery