CP101 Compressor

  • Optical compressor with hand-selected photocoupler
  • Subtle, transparent compression – doesn’t alter pick attack
  • Ultra-low noise floor
  • The compressor for players that don’t like compressors
  • Every guitarist loves the idea of a compressor, until they plug one in and find that it colors their tone, ruins their pick attack and is noisy as hell.The CP101 is the perfect solution for players who need a compressor that doesn’t get in the way of their tone.  Its optical circuit has a slow, smooth reaction time that allows your initial note attack to pass through without being compressed, creating a more natural picking feel.The CP101’s 4:1 compression ratio is so subtle that it’s easy to forget that it’s on – until you turn it off, that is.  While it is on, you’ll notice note levels that are smoother and more consistent, chords and arpeggios that are tighter and more focused, and sustain that will last for days.One thing you won’t notice is the hiss and noise associated with VCA compressors – the CP101 has one of the lowest noise floors available in a stompbox Compressor, even with its Level and Compression controls set to max.

    With its natural picking response, transparent effect and low-noise operation, the Maxon CP101 is the perfect compressor for players who hate using compressors.


    Input Impedance: 500K OhmsInput Jack: 1/4 inch standard phone jackOutput Impedance: 10K OhmsOutput Jack: 1/4 inch standard phone jackOutput: 1Controls: Sustain, LevelSwitch: Normal/EffectMax Input Level: 2 dBuMax Output Level: 0 dBuNoise (IHF-A): -110 dBuMax Compression: 42 dBPower Supply: 9V Manganese dry cell battery (S-006P) or special AC adaptorPower Voltage: DC9 V (Battery) / DC10 V (AC-adaptor)Current Consumption: 11 mA (9V) / 12 mA (10 V)AC Adaptor: AC210N (option) Input: AC120V Output: DC9V/200 mA Center – / Sleeve +)Dimensions (main body): 61 mm (W) x 112 mm (D) x 35 mm (H)Dimensions (whole): 70 mm (W) x 112 mm (D) x 55 mm (H)Weight: 270 gAccessories: 9V Manganese dry cell battery (S-006P) x 1Non-skid pad: x 1Warranty Card: x 1User’s Manual: x 1* All specifications are subject to change for improvement without notice or obligation.All brand names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.