Limited Edition Design Store Offset Amp & Cab

The offset design goes back to the very beginning of Marshall amp production. The original offset JTM amps were produced in very small numbers between late 1962 and 1963. The quirky looking offset chassis design was intended to balance the weight of the head when carried by its strap handle. This put the transformers directly below the handle, giving the amp a balanced centre of gravity.

The stylish new Offset head and cab are cosmetically inspired by those early JTM offsets, with authentic handmade fret grille cloth, radio-style knobs and ‘coffin’ logo badge. The head is all-valve, 1 Watt, with a minimalist mirrored aluminium front panel – Tone and Loudness (volume) are the only two controls, taking you from brilliant clean to vintage Marshall drive and beyond.

Equipped with a power drop switch (1 Watt to 0.1 Watt) the Offset will produce sweet ECC82 power valve overdrive at a ‘neighbour friendly’ volume, through a custom-built cab loaded with a Celestion G10F-15, 10” speaker. The head and cab are supplied as a package, meaning that they will not be available separately.

Each Offset comes complete with a Marshall embossment, and a certificate of authenticity. The Offset is a complete one-off, strictly limited edition, and will only be available for a limited time.