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“This pedal is voiced to emulate the sound of a cranked up Tweed Twin and it does a marvelous job of recreating those signature Tweed sounds, including smaller amps like the Tweed deluxe.” READ FULL REVIEWThe basic pedal has two knobs and a three-position toggle switch. The case is a beautiful gold powder coat finished unit. The on—off switch is the signature silent Lovepedal soft switch—silent and perfect.

Diving into the controls, we have an overall gain control on the left and a saturation control on the right knob. Even at minimum saturation, the pedal is adding grit and sustain to the sound. At about 3/4, the saturation knob starts to really kick in, adding overtones and overdrive. At about 9 o’clock, the gain control is at approximately unity gain. From there, it goes up a few DB, adding some complex saturation.

The three-position toggle switch acts like a triple tone control. In center position, highs are brightest. In the right position, highs are somewhat attenuated and in the left position, the highs are attenuated even more. All this helps the user dial in the right degree of saturation, depending on whether the guitar is using single coils or humbuckers.

Most players would call this tone “crunch”. Its not high gain—it’s just slightly overdriven with a unique edge, but with the unique Tweed character found in the old amps. It is great for that crunchy, attitude-driven rhythm sound and for the Tweed amp cranked up lead sound that has dirt but still retains clarity.

The Lovepedal High Power Tweed Twin is the premier overdrive pedal for any player seeking authentic Tweed overdrive tones.. All the power and punch of these classic amps as well as the overdriven tone without the need to crank the amp. Input and output jacks on top, classic 3 way high cut EQ toggle. This thing can reproduce any tone from Keef to Neil Young!! Limited build!!

Master Volume and Drive controls PLUS A Classic A/B/Y tone cap switch!!
Gives control of the high end harmonic content.
Built tough and made to play with unmatched Tweed era tone, in the U.S.A.

9VDC Input -True Bypass



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