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Our own take on the greatest Vibe pedal ever made !
The original goal was to achieve the sound of a vintage UniVibe, but after getting there, we looked into taking it a few extra steps further !

The RetroVibe is using 4 photocells surrounding a pulsating light source to deliver its very unique and recognizable sound…a thick chorus/vibrato type of effect starting off with a slow watery type swirl gradually becoming more ‘alive’ as the speed knob is manipulated clockwise resulting in a ‘machine-gun’ type warble around the 9 o’clock setting.
Made with original NOS 2SC828 transistors and carbon comp resistors for a true vintage sound !

An added twist ! We have incorporated 2 extra internal trimmers. The larger one initially affects the maximum intensity of the effect, but also dramatically manipulates the sound of the RetroVibe, all the while, maintaining the pedal’s true vintage character.
The smaller one adjusts the non-existing Level knob on the face of the pedal and it comes set all the way up to the full level capacity. If you feel that the pedal’s level needs to be decreased, you can adjust it from the inside (not recommended, but of course you have the final say!)

If you are a Hendrix / Trower fan, this is your pedal !
RetroVibe users : Nels Cline, David Hidalgo, Cesar Rosas, Dweezil Zappa, Greg Koch, Ler LaLonde, Julien Kasper…

“The Retrovibe is my Vibe of choice. It has all of the “Vibe” of the original, particularly that illusive, complex midrange that responds so beautifully to pick attack. It behaves perfectly with Fuzz Face type pedals and is more transparent than any of the old Univibes I have heard. That it is so compact is quite a bonus and mine has Laurel and Hardy on it (I got lucky – the rest of you get flowers, Ha!)” Julien Kasper


  • True-Bypass
  • Controls : Depth, Speed, internal trimmer for the Level, internal trimmer for the intensity
  • It works with 9V boss-type DC adaptor (inside the RetroVibe the power is ramped up to the original Univibe’s 15V DC) – not included
  • It uses 65mA of power when ON
  • Dimensions : 119 x 94 x 53 mm
  • Limited Life-time warranty !


  • All of our pedals are offered in custom artwork for an extra charge. If you are looking for a custom painted pedal visit our GALLERY


Sample 1 : RetroVibe
1966 Fender Stratocaster

Sample 2 : RetroVibe + Fuzz Phrase
1966 Fender Stratocaster

Sample 3 : RetroVibe
1966 Fender Stratocaster

Samples 4,5 : RetroVibe
1964 Gibson ES-335

Sample 6 : RV + TubeDreamer72
1964 Gibson ES-335

Sample 7 : RetroVibe
1968 Fender Telecaster


Samples 1,2,3 by Julien Kasper(copyright 2010), recorded with:
amp : ’64 Fender Deluxe Reverb (1,3)
Marshall 1974x 1×12 18W combo reissue into 70’s Marshall 4×12 with 25W greenback Celestion speakers (2)
mics (1,3): close : Royer 121,
Gefell VM 70 – 46cm back
Ambient: RCA 44BX 5m back
mics (2) :close 4×12 – Sennheiser 409
Beyer 160 30cm back
Close 1×12 – Shure SM57, Royer 121
Ambient: RCA 44BX 5m back, AEA R-84 3m back and 30cm off the floor

Samples 4-6 by Adam Levy recorded with:
amp: 1970 Fender Princeton Reverb
mic: Lewitt MTP 440

Sample 7 by Emmanuel Vourakis
amp : Koch StudioTone
mic : Shure SM57




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