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Envelope Filter

Inspired by one of the great envelope filter pedals of the 1970’s and developed with guitarist Mark Karan (The Other Ones, Bob Weir & Ratdog) the Hartman Envelope Filter is a recreation of a classic effect optimized for tone, flexibility, and ease-of-use.”Mark wanted a pedal with a certain tone, range, and feel that could be adjusted fluidly via a simple user interface and of course analog,” says Hartman. “I was intrigued by the idea of tailoring the Mutron circuit to his requirements, so we set to work. The result is a pedal that is well-voiced, versatile, and that has the raw immediacy of first-generation analog.”In addition to authentic timbre and response, the Envelope Filter™ second foot switch permits changing the filter sweep direction for on-the-fly access to a broad palette of classic filter sounds from funky chirps and saturated quacks to subtler flute-like attacks and horn-tones.  Active Mix control blends the effect output signal with dry for subtler applications.



• Sensitivity, Peak, and Mix controls
• Hi-Lo Filter Peak Frequency Switch
• Foot-switchable Filter Sweep Direction
• 18vdc power jack and supply (included)
• LED Indicator
• One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Specifications• <30mA @ 18VDC
• Length: 5.7″ (142mm)
• Width: 4.7″ (121mm)
• Height: 2.5″ (64mm)



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