Voodoo / Mojo, what ever you want to call it, the Cream-Tone has it!

The Cream-Tone is a blues players dream come true with a wonderful almost transparent tone through to a slight midrange bump for being heard in the mix. Strat’s take on the “Texas Tone” while Tele’s can pull off open string runs with sparking clarity.

Our aim was to develop a pedal geared towards vintage tone freaks. Each pedal is hand-made using the finest quality components and tested to ensure that it preserves the guitars natural tone.

The Cream-Tone features true bypass as well as a Solo switch for volume boost when you are soloing.

  • Volume sets the balance between your clean sound and the pedals sound.
  • Tone is our unique design, it adds fullness to single coils and has the ability to make humbuckers sing.
  • Solo sets the amount of volume boost and adds warmth without adding extra drive.
  • Drive ranges from clean* to a singing mild overdrive, without losing string definition or pickup charactor. (*depends on internal switch settings).
  • Green light on, in Blues mode.
  • Red light on, in Solo mode with a volume boost.