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69 MkII

This is how you wished your Fuzzface sounded… Fat and Harmonic. And it cleans up like a vintage Fender amp when you turn down your guitar’s volume control. The Rolling Stones and the Black Crowes have discovered this trick.

If you love the first 2 Hendrix releases then you’ll love this pedal, with 2 Germanium transistors hand-picked and tested for optimum performance. A Contour Knob lets you dial in Midrange, Harmonics and Sustain, also an Input Bias knob that takes out the “woofiness” and gives great Overdrive/Distortion sounds when its level is reduced. An Internal Trimmer allows for adjustment of Clipping Symmetry, Harmonics, and Tracking.

Specifications subject to change at any given moment due to availability… and whimsy.

True-Bypass w/LED is standard equipment to preserve tone when the pedal is off!

Eric Johnson says of his ’69… “Of all the pedals I’ve been sent… I like this one the best!” (1998 Guitar World magazine)


Be Patient… You’ll Eventually Get Your 69MkII

Alot of emails are coming in asking “Where can I get a 69MkII?” I know there’s this misconception that we’re some BIG CORPORATION… couldn’t be farther from the truth! Everything’s handmade right here in this 3,750 sq.ft. shop and we can only make about 15 to 20 per week of each Fuzz pedal… that’s it! Now with 300+ dealers around the world, if you divide those pedals up, then you can understand why you’re having a hard time finding one. YES, they’re shipping! NO, I can’t tell you who’s getting how many or when. Sorry!

The 69 is Back Again… as the 69 MkII

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the recent limited-edition 69-“Slight Return” (Sold out!) and the fact that I have patched things up with the transistor company that made my germaniums during the heyday of the 69 pedal (1994-1997), I can now get perfect germanium transistor matched pairs (same as used in the recent 69 Slight Return and same that were used in the 1994-1997 69’s). So I am officially coming out with a small box version of the 69 pedal (in a OCD, FatBoost3 sized enclosure) called “69 mkII.” Boxes are done, pcb is done, silk-screens are done, we start building in a couple of weeks.

SOLD OUT! (again)

I did a limited run of 215 “69 Slight Return” pedals that were available direct only. I received 700 of my favorite Germanium TO-5 Trannies, and damned if they are about 98% right on the money, all but a few falling right into the proper gain ratings that allow me to mismatch them to get that sweet tube-like distortion you wouldn’t expect from a Fuzzface type pedal. They sit up and bark, don’t get me wrong, but I’ll do a nice demo soon to show you what you’re missing by not understanding how to use the 1000 shades between Fuzz and OD that a good FUZZ can do. (I know there are a ton of Johnny-come-lately Fuzzfaces but is there really anyone who knows these things better than me?)


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