The Fargen Dual Classic is a two channel amp with all handmade point to point wiring. Channel 1 is the 40 watt Blackbird Classic Blackface style with great fender tones and Channel 2 is the Retro Classic with Bassman/ Marshall JTM style tones. These channels can be use independently, or can be switched with an ABY box.

Those who crave the sound of the best classic Blackface and Tweed Bassman sound in one amplifier have met the match:

Channel 1 = Ultimate Blackface
Channel 2 = Ultimate Tweed Bassman / JTM 45 Hybrid

  • 4x6l6 Power Section
  • GZ34/5AR4 Tube Rectifier
  • Custom Mercury Magnetics transformer set
  • Mallory 150 caps for the blackface channel
  • Sozo caps for the tweed/JTM45 channel
  • High end Kiwame resistors
  • 2×12 Cab W/Eminence Red Coat: The Wizard + The Governor
  • Burgundy Tolex
  • Padded Custom Covers