RF-2 ReezaFRATzitz


A unique type of  OD/dist. pedal that is designed to emulate as faithfully as possible the distortion characteristics of a real tube amp.

With the inclusion of a bias control the user is allowed to adjust the inner workings of the amplifier from class B ( far left) to class A ( far right) and anywhere in between, altering the harmonic structure of the signal and providing a much wider  variety of tonal options than your standard OD/ dist. pedal.

Additional controls for Level, Gain, Hi and low Cut/Boost tone circuit allow the user to fine tune the Reezafratzitz to taste.

The 2. Generation ReezaFRATzitz is based on the best sounding Reeza RF-1 we could find. We added a low and high frequency control that gives you unprecedented midrange control.

Also added are the ingenious circuit: ‘untrue bypass’ that at Emma electronic is known as ‘the overlord of the beast’. There are many myths about mechanical true bypass. often a true bypass is of no benefit to your signal chain. We chose the best solution for the ReezaFRATzitz RF-2.