n2oTopx1501 Beautiful, sturdy, effective, indispensable, the N2O Boost is not a simple booster but, as the nitrous oxide system for the engine, a sound performances increaser of the instrument. Its main features put it in the universe of the best devices concerning both the price and exceptional features with 16 volt RMS output signal, 27dB of gain with no distorsion and the hottest sound that came out from a tube simulator with exclusive tecnology.
As in a vacuum tubes amplifier, the N2O Boost output sound is always pleasant and the even harmonics progressively increase inflating the instrument sound, while odd harmonics remain the same. Its success is confirmed thanks to the qualities that stand up to the NOS.The chassis, made of  1.5mm steel sheet, powder coated with 3/10 millimeter thick vintage paint, is very sturdy, heavy and stable on the ground.  ElevenElectrixN2OSideX1502
The true bypass feature doesn’t influence the sound in any way at all when the Eleven Electrix N2O is in bypass.The stomp switch allows minimum of 1.000.000  operations before the switches failure and the normal function of it during this time is guaranteed.
 jackx200x1504 The high quality connectors for the  output/input and power supply are chosen to give the product the longest life possible.The external 9 volts dc power supply is compatible with all  other 9 volts power supplies available on the market. There also is an overvoltage  and a accidental polarity inversion protection inside.
The 9 volts battery is enclosed by a small window made in inox steel 18/10 nickel crome. The battery is accessible after unwinding the two screws.The batteries  lifespan is standard and the type of battery  alkaline rechargeable or carbon does not influence the proper function, this is thanks to an innovative power supply system.Eleven Electrix N2O Boost  is not predisposed for battery recharge. Although you can use an external battery recharger.The shape of the chassis has been designed in order to allow the modification of the gain and volume controls position by foot. A very useful feature for live performances.  ElevenElectrixN2OBoostFrontx1507
Technical characteristics:
Band pass: 30 Hz-6KHz.
Gain: 27 dB (30x input signal).
Max. output signal: 16 volt RMS. 5% Thd.
0.01% Thd  12Volts out
5% Thd  16Volts out
Power supply: 9Volts battery or external power supply 9Volts Dc.
Equipped: JRC4558
Chassis: Steel 1.5 mm.
Weight: 450g.
Guarantee: Whole life except wrong uses
The NOS OUT is an exclusive control that increases either the output volume and the harmonics quantity.Start from a minimum equal to the input signal when the control knob is completely rotated to the left and overcome the maximum conceivable frontier for a human mind when the control is completely rotated to the right.  NosOutx100x2-13
 Switch11x100-14 The bright control widens the band pass of N2O Boost from 4.6Khz to 6 Khz emphasizing the high frequencies. The switching is noiseless and you can do it when the effect is on.
 FrontN20x150-15 Find more information about N2O Boost on   Eleven Electrix  Tips&Trix 22.05.07