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Keeping in the tradition and the voicing of its big brother, the FTR 37, the 10/20 offers a few exclusive features making it ideal for smaller gigging and recording situations. The 10/20 offers 20 Watts in the Class AB1/A mode, and 10 Watts in the Hard Class A mode for more of your 50’s style Tweed tones. Both channels found in the FTR 37 are made available via the two input jacks in the 10/20. There is an additional flattening/ dampening switch offered for optional control at all levels, as well as a push/pull mid/gain boost. The 10/20 is a true winner and a very versatile amp in the 10 to 20 watt category.




20 Watts, Class AB1/A
10 Watts, Class A, Cathode Biased
Voicing and Gain Structure offered via input jacks
CH 1: V, T, B, R
Push/Pull Mid/Gain Boost
Dampening/Flatening switch
Tube Rectified (5AR4/GZ34)
Power Section: 2 x 6V6 GT
Preamp: 12AX7s, 12AT7, 5879
4, 8, 16 Ohm output

Celestion Vintage 30


Sm Head: 22W x 11.25H x 8D, 32Lbs.
Combo: 22W x 21.25H x 10.5D, 50Lbs.


“Fredric is extremely knowledgeable from years inside countless amplifiers. This extensive experience along with his openness, inquisitive nature, quest for perfection and hard work has rewarded him, and all us seekers of great tone, with this absolutely stellar line of amplifiers.”

Lyle Workman
Beck, Writer, Sessions, Film Scores, Producer

“We had a whole array of vintage gear available to us in the studio, but we wound up coming back to Divided by 13 amps over and over again. Their dynamic response is amazing, and they seem to capture all the vibe of the old classics.”

James Valentine
Maroon 5

“Amp is simply amazing. I just worked with Bob Rock again, and I can’t tell you how great it is to show up with my /13 and know it’s going to work no matter what sound I need to get. I don’t know what you’re doing inside these magic boxes, but you’re doing it right. I’ve gotten rid of all my other amps. Thanks for what you’re doing, and who you are.”

Chris Traynor
Bob Rock, Gavin Rossdale, Junior Sanchez, Writer, Sessions

“Knocked out…hardly use anything else anymore. The Switchazel is permanently installed.”

Joel Shearer
Alanis Morissette, Ben Taylor, Pedestrian, Writer, Sessions

“Every time I do a session, I’ll have all my favorites lined up (Plexis, AC30s, Hiwatts, Tweed Twins, Parks, Tweed Ranger, etc). And it seems like no matter what, the /13 wins. Man, it almost always sounds better in the track. Not exaggerating, it’s the single greatest amp I have ever owned.”

Richard Fortus
Guns ‘n’ Roses, Writer, Sessions

“Did the whole tour with Alanis, and discovered that with the different sounds available with both channels and the switchazel, I could always get THE sound per venue…wow, dude!”

Jason Orme
Alanis Morissette

“The 9/15 blows me away. The construction, the complexity of the harmonics, the ability to basically paint great tones, the fact it loves every guitar I’ve put into it. It’s so beautifully sensitive and focused that I finally really feel like I’m playing it as much as I’m playing my guitar. Simply put, it’s superb. It’s a piece of art and I’ll be treasuring this for a long time to come.”

Victor Krummenacher
Camper Van Beethoven, Monks of Doom

“Amazing! It’s difficult to describe how incredible the RSA 23 sounds. Imagine the best sounding Marshall you’ve ever heard, add in more versatility with a second channel that gives you the type of high gain sounds you always dreamed of, and all at a volume that won’t make the sound engineer and the rest of the band hate you. It’s nice to know I can stop buying amps now. Thank you, Fred.”

Julian Zimmon

“I was on a search for the perfect bass amp for my sessions in LA. I ended up discovering /13 just as the TBL 200 was being introduced. It was just what I was looking for. A bass amp with bite, punch and killer low end. Perfect for all my sessions: rock to pop to RnB. Every engineer loves how easy it is to record. And Fred introduced me to the glory of using 12″ speakers. I’ve never sounded better. Thanks, Fred!”

Sean Hurley
Sessions, Vertical Horizon

“I don’t have anything that does what this does. Both your amps live with me and Michelle (Branch)…sound so f’in good…amazing.”

John Shanks
Producer, Guitar Player

“I’m really diggin’ your amp. I’m getting almost Voxy tones in the studio. It’s really lightening my load. I’m using it with the Switchazel in my live rig with Michelle and Lisa, and I won’t leave home without it!”

Nick Lashley
Alanis Morissette, Jagger, Michelle Branch, Lisa Marie Presley, Sessions



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