Double Jack

Power Supply
Bigger power supply for effect pedals from CIOKS with 7 outlets. The first 5 outlets are with 9V DC and the last two with 12V DC. All outlets are well filtered, regulated, common ground and yield a maximum current of 600mA.The two 12V outlets are specially designed to supply the big modeling pedals from Line 6 or other pedals needing 12V DC supply voltage and a higher current. To name a few there are for example Room-Mate, Squeezer, Viper or Replica from T-Rex or the Nova pedals from t.c. electronic or Flip series from Guyatone. The Double Jack is able to supply two Line 6 modeling pedals (remember the green type 4 Flex cables) or one Nova pedal (standard type 1 Flex) and you’ll still have approximately 300mA of current to supply your standard 9V pedals from Double Jack’s outlet 1-5. Older BOSS pedals specified to run on the original ACA power supply from BOSS (the unregulated type) should also be supplied with 12V for optimal performance.The red Power LED shows if the power supply is connected to mains. The green Check indicator warns you about overload or short circuit. A glance and you know everything is all right.

  • standard 9V with possibility for connecting 12V pedals with higher current draw
  • great selection of Flex cables as accessories
  • two LED status indicators (Power and Check)
  • overload and short circuit protected
  • durable
  • 2m mains cable
  • 7 Flex cables included

Output voltage: 5x9V & 2x12V DC
Output current: max. 600mA total from all 7 outlets

Size: 130x75x40mm
Weight: 550g

Warranty period: 2 years

Order number:
1200    CIOKS Double Jack – Power supply for effect pedals with 7 outlets, 5x9V & 2x12V / 600mA