The Texas Flood overdrive pedal spawned from countless hours of research and development  to take one of the highly acclaimed drive circuits that Cesar Diaz built for Stevie Ray Vaughan’s signal chain. You see, this circuit was one of several making up SRV’s tone. We wanted to create a standalone drive pedal that had all the magic of the Cesar Diaz circuit and then some. We brought more transparency and clarity to the circuit, and offered more available gain all the while maintaining the slightly-darker but focused and present tone. That being said, don’t let the name fool you, the Texas Flood will most definitely nail that SRV tone, but is capable of so much more. It can be a beautiful clean boost, a sweet low gain growl to your base tone, a pedal that will send your amp into some serious gain territory with style while adding sustain and musical bliss to your sound!

All the knobs interact with each other so much giving you a huge palette of tone in a small package. It stacks great with other pedals and even stacks great with itself! Try one today at a dealer near you.
– not a tubescreamer!
– Bypass Switch – true bypass of signal
– Tone – adjusts the amount of treble
– Drive – adjusts amount of gain
– Level – adjusts overall volume
   *opens up at 2 o’clock
– Light Up Knobs
– 9v Battery or standard negative tip power supply
– Capable of running on 18vdc power supply
– Top Quality Components
– Designed and Hand Built in Atlanta, GA