This is an early run (1996) Fender Cunetto Mary Kaye Relic stratocaster. Based on a ’56 Mary Kaye stratocaster.  Handcrafted in the Fender Custom Shop in 1996 with the engraved Custom Shop logo on the back of the headstock and relicing by Master Vince Cunetto.  This guitar was done in a Fender Custom Shop that meant ”Custom”.  Not like what the Custom shop machines out today.

This one sounds especially good with a very clear bell like sound that you can feel in your lap when played sitting down.  It has really great tone plugged and unplugged   The Flamed Maple neck on this strat is really nice and the figuring in the wood is absolutely beautiful due to the thin skin vintage blonde paint – also an important factor to this guitar’s overall superb tone and beautiful aged golden hardware.

The limited number of relics built in Vince Cunetto’s reign are already very highly collectible and just seem to sound better than the new Custom Shop guitars. 

Comes with the tweed case, certificate from Fender Custom Shop. It is all original .