The Big Bloom circuit is based off of a rare pedal from Japan that few people have been able to own. The Big Bloom Overdrive is built in our shop just outside of Boston, MA. This is the same location where we design and manufacture our amplifiers and speaker cabinets.

The Big Bloom captures the sounds and essence of the prized Dumble amplifiers. At low gain levels, the pedal produces a very smooth and musical distortion, and at higher gain levels it will throw almost every note you play into controlled feedback. There is noticeable harmonics riding on top of the notes at all volume levels which give a very interesting sound. There are also all of the Dumble attributes, honk, note flipping, smooth singing OD, bloom and lots of dynamic pic attack.


Made in the USA
Laser Etched Aluminum control plates
PCB and P2P construction
Teflon Wire
Suede, tolex, or painted enclosures
The pedal can be run off a 9V battery or 9V DC power source
Rock/Jazz toggle switch