The Little Green Emphases (LGE) I first designed to go with the number 100 BJF Dyna Red Distortion (DRD) as in the DRD design I had meant to do more dynamic response than distortion as used back in the 1980’s and with LGE I had the idea to put the 80’s back into DRD and so the design of a predriver for distortion was made as a combination of a booster and a treble booster both optimized for lowest possible noise. these were put on a panorama pot so that they could be blended at will and specifically for single coils it proved useful to use more trebleboost than straight boost in order to keep hum levels low, but also to allow some body, whereas with humbuckers the Blend knob was tuned to allow crispness and body.
The first LGE’s where made one for the number 100 DRD that was sold in Japan and the second LGE was made as companion to the number 200 DRD that was sold in USA and a third was made for reference. At the time of the DRD 200 and somewhat after there was tourbox on a US internet forum and the LGE had sneaked into that tour box and several reviewers liked the sounds of LGE also by itself and predriving amplifiers and so there were seven more LGE’s made and that today are the secret weapon of some guitarists and as such also have been used on very slightly distorted sounds to get a projection of tone.

The Blend knob balances or blends a straight booster and a treble booster and can thus  put emphasis a register to make instrument project.

LGE is primarily meant as a predriver and it also distorts slightly and LGE works both as a light dirt booster by itself but can predrive all kinds of distortionboxes and overdrives and fuzzes. Usually LGE works best closest to the guitar but there are combinations when LGE can go further down in an effects chain.

Tone will be more distorted with Humbuckers; when predriving distortion LGE can set clarity of sound and yet retain body. Sound will distort on transients and this can be used to set a limit of volume when predriving distortion LGE can set clarity of sound and yet retain body and also reduce hum by amplifying more in the treble than bass. Some hotter pick ups will have higher output than LGE while the benefit of using LGE with distortion is that eq can be set in a desirable way. The LGE can be employed to give a slight distorted shimmer on it’s own and it can put clarity in to many distorted sounds.
LGE can be a real asset with many of the British style amplifiers and make a shimmer that can be most desirable. With Fender amps LGE can also be used to correct the phase of Reverb and Normal channel.
The LGE can also be used on electric basses to create a crisper sound.

Input impedance: 500K
Output impedance: 25K
Drive voltage: 9V~18V
Current consumption: 2mA
S/N ratio: -80dB
Size: 39Wx100Dx31H mm (excluding
protruding parts)
47Wx100Dx48H mm (including
protruding parts)
Weight: Approx. 160 grams (200 grams
with batteries)