This very limited edition Jan Ray with expression mod. includes everything pictured. The mod was originally created for Michael Landau by Vertex effects. Landau wanted to be able to control the volume of the Jan Ray pedal through an expression pedal. When the Roland EV-5 is plugged into the expression jack of the Jan Ray the volume knob is cancelled out allowing you to control the volume through the expression pedal.


  • The MLC Trimmer works as amaximum volume level controller modified by Vemuram
  • If you plug in the EV-5 to the EXP-Jack the volume control knob on the Jan Ray is cancelled. The EV-5 can then be used as a volume pedal!
  • Battery can not be used, pedal will only operate off of an 9v DC center negative regulated adapter.

Jan Ray Overview
A firm natural overdrive with a pleasant silky sustain. An easy to handle overdrive with great sustain without any unnatural compression. It keeps the characteristics of the tones that the guitars naturally produce. The Jan Ray reproduces that great sustaining punchy clear tones of the blackface Fender amps from the 60’s. The tone is crispy yet the low is warm and mellow.