The classic stereo chorus/flanger for guitar

Shimmering, rich, vibrant, swirling. There are lots of ways to describe the chorus effect, made famous in the 80s and used today by just about every guitarist on the planet. A chorus brings your sound to life, adding a dynamic vibrancy to the sonic texture of any song you use it on. Now, T-Rex Engineering is proud to introduce our own take on this legendary effect – The Twister, a chorus and flanger pedal for guitarists who demand nothing less than the best.

Did you say chorus and flanger?

We sure did. Although they sound quite different, these two classic effects are so closely related that a single pedal can produce them both. We could have taken the usual path and built two separate units, but we wanted to give you both great effects in a single box. While

the chorus adds sparkle and shine to your sound, the flanger puts a funky twist on both chords and single-note lines. Give it a try, and discover how it’s the wild and weird effect you’ve been

looking for.
Designer tone

just the way you want it!

The Twister is packed with features that make sure you get chorus or flange your way. It has a mono output for running through an amp on stage, and stereo outputs for the studio or live stereo setups. In chorus mode, the light/heavy switch lets you quickly switch between two classic variants of the chorused sound, while the brilliant Tone control lets you take some of the top off for a more subtle effect. And rest assured: like every pedal T-Rex makes, The Twister sounds phenomenal any way you use it.


Technical specs


Input Impedance@1KHz
464 KOhm
Output Impedance@1KHZ
37 Ohm
Power supply
9V DC (Power tool 9)
Minimum Power supply Voltage
8,5V DC
Maximum Power supply Voltage
12,5V DC
Current Draw @ 9V DC
81 mA
Maximum Input signal Vp/p
Battery Type
9 V battery 6F22
Battery Life
30 – 60 min.
External connectors
Input Jack. OutputJack (L), Output Jack (R),

9V DC jack
On/Off, Level, Depth, Regen,Tone, Rate, Chorus/Flange, Light/Heavy
120 mm
100 mm
55 mm
Weight (excl. battery)
0,430 kg