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Double booster with tone control.


Blast off with Twin Boost

T-Rex Engineering is pleased to announce the Twin Boost pedal – with two separate channels of pure power.


Twin Boost is the perfect solution for situations where you need more control than just switching between rhythm and lead settings.


You can leave the boost off for rhythm playing, use the first boost channel to bring out a guitar-only intro or those single-note rhythm lines, and reserve the second channel for blasting into the solosphere.


Define your boost

As you’ve come to expect from T-Rex pedals, Twin Boost gives you full control of your tone in each stage of boost.


For each channel, you set not only the boost level, but also bass, mid and treble. You might want a thick, meaty sound for playing single-note rhythm lines, while you kick up the lows and high end for the solo channel.


Set it up exactly how you want to – and see how Twin Boost leaves other boost systems in the dust.


T-Rex tone

T-Rex pedals are all about tone. We’ve done everything possible to protect the integrity of your tone throughout the signal path – from input to output.


Twin Boost will give you a rich-sounding warmth that you’ll swear could only come from expensive vintage tube amplifiers. Try out a Twin Boost at your nearest music shop today – and we guarantee you’ll have it with you on stage at your next gig!




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