What T Rex say about the Reptile Effects Pedal

The T-Rex Reptile is the coolest modulating analog delay you will most likely ever play! Not only is it a very warm delay, but the modulation capability makes this single pedal incredibly versatile. With pedal board real estate at a premium these days you need the Reptile!

The Reptile features:

  • Echo, Repeat and Time controls for the delay
  • Depth and Speed controls for the modulation effects (the mini knobs light up when the modulation function is engaged)
    On/Off footswitches for the delay and modulation effects
  • Side-mounted input gain control with LED for peak level monitoring.
  • The Reptile requires a 9v 120ma adapter and can take up to 12v for normal use. It does have a battery compartment and can run off a 9v battery in a pinch but will only last for a couple hours before it drains the battery and starts to distort.

T-REX decided to give the customer an option of battery operation in case they ever had problems with an adapter. But it is not designed to run off a battery for normal use.