From the mid-‘80s to ‘90s, the M-Style Amp sound that came into our ears was mostly from specially customized amplifiers and Mod Amps. The Preamp Tube, Master Volume, Send/Return, and even the EQ circuitry have been customized to create a Boutique-M-Style Amp. Those Amp Sounds were called the Brown Sound, and it’s something that people have come to love and pursue after.

This pedal will instantly output the Brown Sound. The wide range 3Band EQ will provide a variety of sounds and each control has a wide range of settings, so this unit can be run by any kind of Amps. Sufficient gain and output level with the extra gain stage and buffer output circuit, it can be used from Hi-Gain Lead Drive Sound to a Booster with reducing the gain level. This is all you need. POINT TO POINT HAND WIRED!