Radial BigShot EFX true bypass effects loop switcher

BigShot™ EFX true bypass effects switcher

Instant access to two effects loops
Take noisy pedals out of the signal chain
Create true-bypass signal path with all pedals
Compact and rugged for pro pedalboards
Easy to use and set up
The BigShot EFX is a true-bypass effects loop switcher that lets you set up two separate effects loops and insert them into your pedal chain at will. This means that noisy pedals or tone robbing non true-bypass pedals that you ‘love to hate’ can now be used and completely taken out of the signal path when they are not needed.Better yet, while an effects loop is on ‘standby’, you can turn on and off pedals at will and prepare your sound. Then, with one foot stomp you can turn on as many pedals as you like for professional multi-effects performance without the usual tap dancing! Add the BigShot PB1 buffer into the loop and you can now drive as many pedals as you like without adding noise. For those that like quiet tuning, you can use the second loop as a tuner out and the BigShot EFX will mute your signal with a single stomp.Compact, rugged and plug & play easy to use, the BigShot EFX opens the door to professional pedal management and lets you do it all right at your feet!

BigShot™ EFX – with two effects loops:
Have two effects chains ready to go and select one, the other or both with separate footswitches for each loop! Ground lifts on the return side of each loop help tame hum and buzz.In this setup:• Guitar goes into the BigShot EFX’s INPUT jack
• Loop-1 and Loop-2 connect to SEND and RECEIVE 1/4″ jacks
• Set Loop-1 and Loop-2 ground lifts as required• Amp connects to the EFX’s OUTPUT jack
BigShot™ EFX – effects loop plus tuner w/mute:
Here one effects loop is used on loop-1 with a tuner connected to the other. Footswitch-1 brings in the effects loop and footswitch-2 mutes the output and sends it to the tuner for quick & quiet on-the-fly tune-ups.In this setup:• Instrument goes into BigShot EFX’s INPUT jack
• Effects chan connects to SEND-1 and RETURN-1 jacks
• Tuner is connected to the SEND-2 jack
• Amp connects to the EFX’s OUTPUT jack
BigShot™ EFX – as an amp switcher with tuner out:
To demonstrate the versatility of the EFX’s passive circuit, you can connect amplifiers to the ‘SEND-1’ and ‘SEND-2’ jacks to make the EFX an ABY switcher. Connect a tuner to the EFX’s ‘OUTPUT’ jack if desired.In this setup:• Guitar goes int the BigShot EFX input, as usual
• Amps connect to the EFX’s SEND-1 and SEND-2 jacks
• Use the ground lifts if required (use caution) to eliminate hum or buzz
• Tuner connects to the EFX OUTPUT jack