The MI Compressor is an OTA-based analog compressor pedal for guitarists, utilising some advanced features to provide one of the highest quality, studio-grade units available for your pedal board. The LEVEL control with CLIP indicator ensures the cleanest input signal for compression with ATTACK, RELEASE and SUSTAIN controls enabling you to add some subtle sustain and sparkle, or heavy squeeze to your guitar tone. A feature that sets the MI Compressor from the rest is the addition of the unique noise GATE, helping the notes to organically cut-off when used with a noisy overdrive sound. Now you truly can have sustain-for-days!

VOLUME – to control volume to suit your requirements
SUSTAIN – to adjust the amount of compression/sustain on the signal
LEVEL – adjusts the strength of the input signal right at the beginning of the signal chain
ATTACK – adjusts how fast the compressor reacts
RELEASE – control how long the compression level is maintained for.
GATE – adjust the gate level.
GATE RELEASE TIME (INTERNAL) – to control the release time of the Gate.

– See more at: http://miaudio.com/effects/mi-compressor/#sthash.TSy05J0e.dpuf