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Introducing the NEW
Express™ Amplifiers
from Mesa Engineering

NOW ARRIVING! The Express Line to Tone!
Take the 5:25, running EL-84’s out of London straight to the studio for the ultimate big sounding, little amp. Or, catch the 5:50 running 6L6’s out of Fullerton, heading uptown to the gig. These new amplifiers are the direct line to Tone City.

Both 25 and 50- watt models feature four inspiring modes from two oppositie personalities spread across two fully independent channels. If Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde had to share one platform, this would be it.

Say you’re a traditionalist: Select Clean and Blues for your two footswitchable sounds. Or, if you’re addicted to Gain, choose Crunch and Burn. Then stand back as the well-mannered soul of Dr. Jeckyll morphs into the maniacal Mr. Hyde, hardcore beast. Most important is the classic authenticity of all these iconic tones. No matter what your stylistic destination, the Express will take you there… Fast.

Up front, that number “5” indicates the low power, single-ended magic of pure Class A. The “25” and “50” refer to the rated push-pull output. Together, these make up Duo-Class™ our patented new power circuit, the first to offer both single-ended and push-pull configurations in the same amplifier.

But even that’s not the last stop. Each channel is further equipped with its own Contour depth control for added shaping that’s both assignable and footswitchable. Used subtly, Contour adds a halo of depth and chime to gleaming clean sounds. Higher Contour settings, especially in Crunch and Burn, take you into Recto™ turf, tight, huge and menacing.

Don’t be fooled by their compact size:most players mistake the little 5:25 with its ten-inch speaker for a 1×12. You’ll be shocked when you hear this little monster! And for truly stunning performance, take the 5:50. Both 1×12 and 2×12 pull like a freight train, locomotive torque.

So step on up. The Express Line to Tone is now Arriving!

Mesa Express Mode SwitcheMODE SWITCHES:
Two Incredible Channels, Four Fully Evolved Modes give you a boarding pass to all the classic guitar styles. The pristine, blooming CLEAN and tight, grinding CRUNCH cover the rhythm territories in Channel 1 while Channel 2 roams the wide open spaces of soloing with howling BLUES and soaring BURN modes.
Mesa Express Contour ControlsCONTOUR Controls
Both Channels feature Assignable / Footswitchable CONTOUR controls that pack the sonic power of a multi-band EQ into one simple control. Blend this dynamic, bouncy circuit with the musically rich TONE controls for a sound far bigger than you’ve ever heard from a combo.
Mesa Express External JacksExternal Switch Jacks
Switch “tracks” remotely with the EXTERNAL SWITCH jacks where CHANNELS, REVERB and the CONTOUR controls can be patched to an external master switching system for remote access. The transparent series EFFECTS LOOP handles the interface to all outboard processing.
Mesa Express Duo Class switchPatented Duo-Class™ Power Switching let’s you switch the Class (operating class) and Configuration (wiring style) in tandem, giving you two dialed power-voice ranges with the flick of a switch.

Express Group Photo

Mesa Express 5:25 Combo Amp
Express 5:25™ Combo
Mesa Express 5:50 Amp
Express 5:50™ Combo

Express™ Amplifier

Handbuilt in the USA
(as are all our products)


Duo-Class™ Power Amp (Patent Pending) allows you to select either:
1 power tube in pure Class A (single-ended) producing 5 Watts or switching to
2 power tubes in Class A/B to produce 25 Watts via a 5/25 Power Switch / 2xEL-84 & 5x12AX7


Duo-Class™ Power Amp (Patent Pending) allows you to select either:
1 power tube in pure Class A (single-ended) producing 5 Watts or switching to
2 power tubes in Class A/B to produce 50 Watts via a 5/50 Power Switch / 2x6L6 & 5x12AX7


Fixed Bias for consistent, maintenance free performance

2 Fully Independent Channels with 4 Style Modes (Channel 1 = Clean or Crunch, Channel 2 = Blues or Burn)

Independent Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb, Master and Contour Controls per Channel

Footswitchable Variable Contour Control on each channel provides the power of our 5-band graphic EQ all from 1 rotary control

All-Tube, Long Spring Reverb

All-Tube FX Loop External Switching Jacks for Channel 1/2, Contour 1, Contour 2, Reverb

3 Button Footswitch (Channel 1/2, Reverb & Contour)

Slip Cover

Express 5:25™
Amplifier Formats

Short Chassis Head (Width 19in)

1×10 Combo (Open Back) • E50 Speaker

Express 5:50™
Amplifier Formats

Medium Head (Width 22-7/8in)

Long Head (Width 26-1/4in)

1×12 Combo (Open Back) • C90 Speaker

2×12 (Open Back) • C90 Speakers • Casters


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