Choosing the proper size guitar will influence many aspects of your playing experience. The first decision to be made when selecting a McPherson® guitar is the body depth. This decision will impact not only comfort, but also the sound and playability of the instrument. All McPherson® guitars are 4 inches at the neck block, but range in depth from 3 – 5 in 1/2 inch increments at the tail block.

Guitar Sizes

Proper fit and comfort are self-explanatory, but the tonal differences in body depths may need additional clarification. As the guitar strings are set in motion, vibrations are transferred to the top by the saddle, bridge and bridge plate. Any sound waves produced at the top are reflected off the back of the guitar. If the top is closer to the back, it will result in a quicker response with more projection. If the back is further from the top, the guitar will gain warmth and resonance. The woods chosen for your guitar will greatly affect its look and sound.

Here at McPherson Guitars®, we use only the finest tonewoods available. We use only clear finishing materials to bring out the natural beauty of these woods. You can read more about tonewoods in the Tonewoods category of our site.