C F Martin  Custom Shop OMC16OGTE acoustic guitar, #1645493, with Carpathian top,
featuring Ovangkol back and sides with a Madagascar wedge, sycamore bindings in a gloss finish
with hard shell case – faux alligator brown exterior, made by TKL for C F Martin with a Martin
plaque on the front side, and a burgundy plush interior. The case is sturdy, and extremely
attractive, but happily light in weight.Equipped with Shadow Nanomag magnetic pickup.

It has a very typical character, where a fast response to light touch is a very appealing quality. Plenty of dynamics and a very defined open woody tone. It provides a guitar with a focused, powerful tone. Carpathian spruce is close to Adirondack, but has a much faster response to light touch, with a similar clarity and warmer overtones in a much wider spectrum. Very suitable for fingerstyle and also the choice of wood Clapton used on several of his limited runs. This is a small guitar, a genuine ‘O’ size 12-fret with style 28 appointments mixed with style ’40’ appointments.