The 25

The Original Series was the very first Lowden range from 1976, just as the ‘O’ model is George’s original Lowden body design. Although the medium sized ‘F’, concert sized ‘S’ and the small bodied WL have been added to the range since then, the Lowden standard of passionate commitment to no compromise was well and truly set.
The 25 was often thought of as THE Lowden. Nowadays with many more new models it is not possible to say which would be THE Lowden, but the 25 has character in bags. It is rich, full-bodied, warm and powerful. In the O version it has complexity as well, in the F it is very loud and more focused. Both are great for percussive strumming, flat picking and fingerpicking.

– from George


ORIGINAL SERIES F-25C – Chitarra 6 corde cutaway elettrificata – Medium Sized F body shape (Larghezza cassa: 402mm – Profondità cassa: 120mm) – Original Series 25 – Made in UK – Lunghezza scala: 650mm – Top: red cedar massello AAA+ – Fondo: east indian rosewood massello AAA+ – Fasce: east indian rosewood massello AAA+ – Manico: mogano/palissandro 5 pezzi – Ponte: palissandro – Tastiera: ebano – Radius: 16″ – Binding: mogano – Purfling: mogano/noce/sicomoro/palissando – Capotasto: osso 45mm – Traversino: osso – Rosetta: palissando/sicomoro/noce/mogano – Segnaposizione: side dots madreperla – Battipenna: trasparente – Meccaniche: Gotoh SG381 dorate con chiavette in ebano – Colore: natural – Finitura: poliuretanica satinata – Elettrificazione: L.R. Baggs Anthem (con controlli alla buca) – Astuccio rigido Hiscox Pro II marchiato Lowden in dotazione.

Scheda tecnica

Numero Corde 6
Meccaniche Gotoh SG381 dorate con chiavette in ebano
Serie Original Series 25
Lunghezza scala 650mm
Top red cedar massello AAA+
Fondo east indian rosewood massello AAA+
Fasce east indian rosewood massello AAA+
Manico mogano/palissandro 5 pezzi
Tastiera Ebano
Radius 16″
Battipenna Trasparente
Ponte Palissandro
Colore Natural
Finitura poliuretanica satinata
Capotasto osso 45mm
Traversino osso
Rosetta palissando/sicomoro/noce/mogano
Binding mogano
Elettrificazione L.R. Baggs Anthem (con controlli alla buca)
Segnaposizione side dots madreperla
Purfling mogano/noce/sicomoro/palissando