The P-90 everyone is talking about. Scatter wound pickup with de-gaussed Alnico 5 bar magnets. A fatter P-90 tone with smoother treble. Sounds like an old P-90 rather than a new pickup that still has some hard edges. Great for fat clean tone or harder driving rock with more grind. Neck and bridge will be equal, or bridge slightly hotter when playing single notes. Sold separately, or available in matched 2 or 3 piece sets. RWRP sets for hum-canceling operation. Single conductor, braided shield lead wire. Available in black or creme pickup covers.
Neck 8.2K, Middle 8.73K, Bridge 9.1K

 MP3 Files of P90 Pickups

All P90 Soap Bar soundfiles with clean and dirty tone were played by Greg Timmons using a Agile LP copy and a brown Fender Vibrolux amp.

 Full-length SoundfilesThis song is from the Supersucker’s EP of the same name. The guitars on this clip use our P-90 pickup. Hear more of the Supersuckers at

All guitar sounds were recorded with our stock P-90 set in a Les Paul and played through a Vox amp, with no extra equalizing during mix down.

Clip 1 using our standard P90s played with mild overdrive.
Clip 2 using our standard P90s played with overdrive.