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Keeley Luna Overdrive

The Luna Overdrive began from a quest to find the perfect classic drive sound while also offering new levels of sonic versatility to satisfy a wider range of musical styles.

The Keeley Overdrive – as always, 100% Hand Built in the USA!Two and a half years in the making, this is the sum of my ideas and thoughts on overdrive and distortion. I wanted Keeley Fans to have the best possible overdrive pedal at their feet. Endless tonal possiblities are what I strived for and I think you’ll agree. Enjoy!The Keeley Overdrive is capable of operating as a smooth, subtle drive that gives you plenty of warming overtones that fill a room. Prefer a grittier flavor of overdrive? It does that too! Using two different drive stages and a very responsive set of tone controls, the Keeley Overdrive retains all of your guitar’s essence and adds any kind of grit or dirt you could want!We were after an overdrive that made you want to play guitar. We wanted you to be able to get a dark tone, or a bright sound, a clean one or one very heavy and powerful. We wanted tone controls that were endlessly responsive and highly configurable. Compromise should never be part of what you hear. So we crafted a machine that shows off the rest of our gear and your music, instead of covering it up. We think you will agree!NOW SHIPS WITH BLACK KEELEY COMPRESSOR STYLE KNOBS. We no longer have the black aluminum knobs.Guitar World gives the Keeley Luna Overdrive their highest mark, the Platinum Award for Tone and Construction!

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 Mid Range drive focusHigh_dynamics – Drive at half way, classic position both high and low at noon.Low drive noon EQ humbuckerAscending chord shape- dialed back tone settings low low driveLes Paul High and Low at 2:00Les Paul with slight overdrive, High and Low set at around 10:00After years of modifying overdrives, we have engineered our own, unique, overdrive pedal. The Keeley Overdrive combines modern OP-Amp clipping with tube-like JFET gain stages. Sandwiched in between the two styles of overdrive is a high fidelity modified Baxandall tone control, beautifully tuned to a guitar players creative needs.FAQ –

Q. Hi,I’m interested in purchasing the RK Overdrive. I have a few questions.

Is this modeled after any particular amp (or a likeness to any given amp)?

What are the two stages of drive?

How well does it stack with other pedals?

A. Howdy sir!

The new RK Overdrive is an idea I had that took the best part of overdrive pedals, tube amps, and even professional or high end equalizers. I wanted to capture the best part of what goes on between overdrive pedals and amps. I was able to blend several common op-amp style overdrive and distortion pedals that I’ve seen people rave about over the years. It resulted in a unique stage that is super transparent and still able to give you a very powerful overdrive. There is a Baxandall tone circuit that is not super common yet in guitar pedals, it should be but is more complex and more costly than many companies would dare do. I took that from old British HI-FI magazines and schematics. The JFET stage was built as the last stage to simulate a tube amp as much as possible. We set that stage up very similar to any Fender or Marshall-type pre-amplifier circuit. The output is designed to work well with any kind of guitar amp or other effects, or even sound cards.

Q. Hello! I Great to see & hear your new overdrive. Can this pedal capture the mids and qualities of a TS9 tube screamer? Is it more in the Zendrive family?

A. Howdy sir!

The Keeley Overdrive has two active tone controls so that the bass and treble can be turned down to get a vocal-like midrange tone easily. I like to turn the Low control down when I want to get a tube screamer sound and then use the High control almost like the single tone control on a lot of pedals. (Works great the other way too! Turn the High control to a really low setting and then adjust the Low control to find that tone you’ve been trying to get!)

It is firmly in the boutique family of pedals and not a modified version of a Boss or an Ibanez pedal. Because you have such a huge range of tone and low noise with the Keeley OD it is perfect as both your main chord work pedal or as a lead pedal with a midrange push.

Q. Robert,Thanks for your response! I’m sure it is just a boilerplate add-on to your e-mails at this point, but I followed the link to your Overdrive. That joker is wicked. It’s kind of making me re-consider my path. I have had my friend’s ts808 for a while and use it in conjunction with my bb preamp-mb. I have the bb setup more scooped,

***so I was looking for just a strict screamer clone to replace the 808 because it’s what I’ve gotten used to and like hearing.

***Strictly setting up your Overdrive as a screamer probably doesn’t do it justice, but I merely wanted to let you know that I am a fan, whether or not I end up shelling out the extra cash. J

A.Howdy there! Thanks for the kind for the kind words sir! I really appreciate it. The Keeley Overdrive was designed to be a new circuit that offered that instantly comfortable sound that you can dial in a bunch of favorite tones or sounds that you have in mind. For any overdrive or distortion pedal enthusiast it is gonna feel both new and exciting and you can always touch on older, familiar sounds!

The TS style sound is always going to be a classic. It just works so well at so many things. They do make a great team. I use the Overdrive for either a lead boost or a chord work sound depending on how I use something like the TS9MOD PLUS or our BD-2 MOD.Thanks again sir,



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