The pedal that redefines the meaning of organic and transparent! All the juicy goodness that your guitar has to offer remains intact as the Jetdrive works its magic. From shimmering boost to liquid legato lines, the Jetdrive delivers!

The Jetdrive provides a solution for players needing maximum tonal flexibility in a compact pedal.

The Jetdrive was the result of Brad’s quest for the most open and natural sounding overdrive possible. Through seemingly endless experiments, he developed a pedal that truly compliments the guitar by allowing all the subtleties and nuances to come through the mix.

From the slightest addition of grit to searing overdrive, the Jetdrive covers a vast range of tonal options.
Each channel offers a distinct flavor…the Blue channel is a bit more aggressive in nature while the Green channel is more buttery. Either channel can provide everything from clean boosting to crunchy grind. With maximum gain settings, each channel can also provide harmonically sublime moderate gain lead tones.

Engage both channels and create lead tones that will bring the house down. The Jetdrive was finely tuned so that every conceivable setting will remain focused and clear. The low-end will stay tight and focused and you will not hear harshness or spikiness on the top.

Deceptively simple in its layout, the Jetdrive offers a very broad tonal palette on which to paint your sonic masterpiece.